Keep Your Life InSync

Offapp is the much more easiest way to get your works done. It helps you to remember and do what all things which you may get forgotten.


Makes handling of company, projects…. seamless through tasks.

With the help of Tasks application you will be able to divide the tasks according to works allocated to different employees. By that its easy for the employees to check their daily tasks and accordingly they can start working. He/she also can complete each and every tasks provided to them through this app after the successful completion of the work and hence the authorised person can easily look forward to that and do the next processes.

Start using it and feel how easy it is to manage your organization.

Plan for anything

With this app its much easier to plan day to day works and share it with your staffs and hence they just need to look through this page and do their work.

Get Reminded anytime

You can set reminders for your tasks and by that you will never miss your works.

Collaborate with anyone

You can share your works with the staffs of your company and by that you can reduce your work load.