Business management

Business management is people management. With the help of Offapp Tasks option your employees will be having centralised communication and with that the assigning of each task for the employees will be much easier.

All your teamís work, in one place

Offapp keeps all your works and communications together with Tasks. Say goodbye to endless emails.

Stay Sorted out with new updates

With new updates everyone will be aware of the work which is being done in the organisation and with that they will be able to give an overview of what all have done for that particular project. Also we can assign each employees works, each of them will be able to write comments about the progress of the work and also everyone can share their work files here and view it.

Access from anywhere

With the security provided by the Offapp each employee will be able to access the app from anywhere.

Keeps Everyone Together

There is no need of meetings the whole updates of a particular work will be shown here.